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Locomotive Engineer w/Laryngeal Cancer & COPD – Case Summary

RAILROAD LARYNGEAL CANCER FROM ASBESTOS AND DIESEL EXPOSURES: William Shepard worked for Grand Trunk Western Railroad from 1950 until his retirement in...

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Norfolk Southern Engineer with Nasopharyngeal Cancer – Case Summary

Railroad Engineer Cancer Lawsuit: Phil Baker worked as a locomotive engineer for Norfolk Southern Railway Company for 18 years. He was diagnosed...

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Railroads Reap Billions – Railroad Workers Left With Cancer

In 2018, Norfolk Southern Railway earned $4 billion in income. CSX Railroad made $4.74 billion. Union Pacific Railroad pulled down $6 billion...

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Schmaltz v. Norfolk – Experts Fail to Relate Diagnosis to Railroad Herbicide

878 F. Supp. 1119 Case Law Series- Plaintiff’s railroad herbicide exposure case dismissed because experts could not tie diagnosis to work exposure. Plaintiff Arthur E. Schmaltz worked as a carman for Norfolk & Western Railway Company (“N&W”). In May of 1990, N&W sprayed the Calumet Yard with atrazine and tebuthiuron, two herbicides meant to control vegetation. Schmaltz was working the...

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Battaglia v. Conrail – Engineer’s Career Cut Short By Asthma Diagnosis

2009-Ohio-5505, 2009 WL 3325903 Case Law Series- Conrail engineer receives $2.6 Million after court finds his asthma was caused by diesel exposures in railroad's locomotive cabs. In 1976, Francis Battaglia went to work as a brakeman for Consolidated Rail Corp, better known as Conrail. Though he was furloughed between 1979 and 1988, Battaglia returned to Conrail as a brakeman and...

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Harris v. CSX Transportation – Trainman Diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma

Case Law Series – Railroad trainman’s experts allowed to testify that diesel exhaust exposures caused his multiple myeloma Ronald K. Harris worked for CSX Transportation for 29 years as a trainman, where he was exposed to diesel exhaust from locomotives on a daily basis. As a result of his railroad work, Harris was diagnosed with multiple myeloma—a form of cancer...

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Aplastic Anemia

Aplastic anemia occurs when your body’s bone marrow stops producing enough red blood cells. Typically, when old blood cells have run their course, they are replaced by the bone marrow’s new red blood cells. However, in an individual with aplastic anemia, these new red blood cells do not appear as often as needed, making the body unable to clot when...

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Railroad Workers and COPD

Railroad workers are at an elevated risk of developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).  Why is that?  Because long term occupational exposures...

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Emphysema and Railroad Workers

Emphysema is one of two conditions found under the general diagnosis of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Emphysema is a condition that causes the air sacs in your lungs to deteriorate, making it hard to breathe and deliver proper amounts of oxygen to the body.  As a result of long-term exposures to dusts, diesel exhaust and other particulates, railroad workers...

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Wrongful Death Case

My family hired attorney Hughes for the wrongful death of my brother. Mr. Hughes worked very hard on our case, the results were excellent. I would recommend him to anyone needing an attorney, he is a very fair and kind person.

- Carolyn, Chicago IL

Unique Expertise

Andrew took over my asthma claim with the railroad after a different law firm failed to meet expectations. Andrew’s unique expertise in the field of diesel related injury gave him the ability to build my case exceptionally well. When Andrew presented...

- Steven, Chicago IL

Professional and Trustworthy

From my very first contact with Andrew we have found him to be compassionate, hard working and trust worthy. In the eight months we were associated with Andrew we feel he has also become a friend of ours...

- Ronald, Chicago IL

Worked Diligently

For the past two years Andrew Hughes has worked diligently in helping me with my case against the Norfolk Southern R.R. During this time he has kept me thoroughly informed about my case his expertise led to me getting a generous settlement...

- Client, Chicago IL

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