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It was an important moment in 2012 when the World Health Organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer declared that diesel fumes are “carcinogenic to humans.” For workers everywhere, this finding confirmed that their long-term exposures to diesel exhaust likely contributed to the cancer, often diagnosed years later.  This medical finding also made it possible for workers to pursue legal remedies that were very difficult to prove beforehand.  Bladder cancer is a prime example of the type of illness that diesel exhaust may cause.

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    Signs of Bladder Cancer

    According to the American Cancer Society, bladder cancer can often be discovered relatively early – at a more treatable stage – because of the tell-tale symptoms. If you have spent your career in railroad work, trucking, mining or another occupational job with diesel exposures, here are some warning signs for the development of bladder cancer.

    Blood in the Urine

    Hematuria, also known as blood in the urine, is often an early indicator for bladder cancer. Though the blood may show up inconsistently, it’s important to take note of this and consult your doctor right away.

    Changes in Bladder Habits

    You may feel like you need to use the bathroom more often and doing so may cause a painful or burning sensation. These symptoms don’t always mean you have bladder cancer, but it’s important to visit your doctor nonetheless.

    More Severe Symptoms

    Such as being unable to urinate, pain on the side of your lower back, weight loss, loss of appetite, tiredness, foot swelling, and bone pain are more serious symptoms that may indicate that the cancer has spread to other parts of your body.

    As a bladder cancer law firm, we feel it’s our duty to bring light to this subject. If you or someone you know feels you may have developed bladder cancer due to diesel exhaust exposures, contact Diesel Injury Law today.

    Bladder Cancer Verdicts

    $100,000 settlement – A conductor for Union Pacific was exposed to diesel exhaust created by locomotives that he operated on a daily basis. He was diagnosed with bladder cancer, alleging that his illness was caused by the diesel fumes. The plaintiff claimed that the locomotives were not properly sealed and ventilated, and therefore his employer did not maintain a safe workplace for their employees. (Bradley R. Schoenwald v. Union Pacific Railroad Co.)

    $200,000 verdict – One plaintiff in a seven-plaintiff lawsuit developed bladder cancer after being exposed to PAB, or par-aminobiphenyl, in their line of work. At trial, it was alleged that the manufacturer of the product that contained PAB failed to publicize the fact that PAB could cause cancer. (Boggess, et als. v. Monsanto Company)

    $925,000 settlement – 42-year-old part-time furniture factory worker was diagnosed with an aggressive form of bladder cancer, resulting in the removal of his bladder. Having never smoked, he alleged that his exposure to a wood stain at the furniture factory 26 years prior was the cause of his diagnosis. At trial, it was determined that a number of workers in similar fields with similar exposures to the plaintiff had an increased rate of bladder cancer. (Frank Gravina v. PPG Industries, Inc. Harris Pine Mills Corp., National Union Fire Insurance Co.)

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